Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hunting and fishing is a great way to put food on the table regardless of the fact that the price per pound of that game is often staggering. But that's not the point. Hunting and fishing is a great way to get outdoors, come face to face with wildlife, stretch our inherent hunting skills, and become part of the game management process, which preserves wild game species for generations to come.

Hunters are the original conservationists. Theodore Roosevelt began the conservation movement in America by setting aside large tracts of public lands for wildlife enthusiasts to enjoy forever. Preservation organizations, which evolved from those early conservation efforts are stronger than ever. Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Foundation, Pheasants Forever, are just a few of the game conservation organizations that help to preserver game species, set aside lands for hunting and fishing, and insure our rights as sportsman.

Broader issue organizations such as Dallas Safari Club, Second Amendment Organization, and the National Rifle Association are committed to protecting our 2nd Amendment rights as well as preserving our hunting traditions. Regardless of your views on the NRA one cannot deny the huge impact this organization has on conservation, preservation of game species, and the protection of hunters rights.

I encourage you, those of you who love to hunt and fish, to get into the outdoors and wilderness, put that expensive game on your table, and contribute to one or more of these organizations. Attend your local chapters and get involved. You and I can make a difference in the preservation of game species, protection of wetlands, uplands, and forest wilderness for next season's hunt, and generations of hunting experiences.

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  1. Hunting and preparing game species is a healthy way to put natural foods on your table