Monday, June 14, 2010

Reloading is Fun and Saves Money

It's almost Summer, just a few days away. Although June has been very wet here in the Northwest everything is green and lush. With no hunting season to speak of, at least nothing you want to eat, it's a good time to sight in your rifle and plan for the fall hunting season.
I recently finished setting up my reloading station for both rifle and shotgun. It's a bit expensive to get started but the long-term cost savings are significant. You can save around $10 a box on rifle rounds and around $2 dollars a box on shotgun shells, especially if you are just loading lead target rounds.
There is so much information to absorb; recipes for loading specific bullet weights, gun powder loads in grains, chamber pressures, muzzle velocity, and bullet drop over distance. Once you begin reloading the information comes quickly. There are many great websites for reloading information. The reloading community is huge and usually very helpful. If you want more information on getting started drop me a line at and I'll be happy to reply. I'll have a recipe next time so stay tuned.

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